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The Oregon surplus credit, known as the kicker," is a way for state government to return some of your taxes to you when revenues are more than predicted. Every two years, the Oregon Department of Administrative Services (DAS) determines whether there is a surplus and the amount to be returned to taxpayers as a kicker. If there's a surplus, the kicker may be claimed on the return as a refundable tax credit or donated to the State School Fund. The kicker credit is available only on the return for an odd-numbered year. If there's no surplus, or if the tax year is even-numbered, no kicker is available.


The 1979 Oregon Legislature passed the "Two percent kicker" law, which requires the state to refund excess revenue to taxpayers when actual General Fund revenues exceed the forecast amount by more than two percent.

Maher missed four extra points in Monday's wild-card win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. After the game, owner and general manager Jerry Jones said Maher would continue as the kicker, and on Tuesday, head coach Mike McCarthy and special teams coordinator John Fassel backed him as well.

Fry missed. He walked back to the sideline, and Nagy carried on with practice. A few minutes later, he asked all the kickers to line up at the 50-yard line: four on the right hash, four on the left. (Kjellsten, the kicker/punter, punted and held for field goals but did not take any kicks the first day.) They each attempted a series of field goals, again, from 43.

On the morning of the second day of rookie camp, the kickers gathered around the whiteboard outside the locker room, studying a sheet of paper taped next to the special teams depth chart. It was a table of scores and a ranking of how each had performed on day one.

Outside of using the data to establish coaching points with each kicker, Chicago did not share the TrackMan measurements with any of the competitors. Increasing the miles per hour or the rotational speed of a kick is an obscure request already; without data to gauge progress, it proved even more difficult.

After practice wrapped on Sunday afternoon, none of the tryout kickers were asked to meet with the front office staff to sign a contract before they left. Baron and Jones were cut. The group was told that three would survive, but just two kickers made it out of elimination: Fry and Blewitt.

Equity kickers are often used for leveraged buyouts (LBOs), management buyouts (MBOs), and equity recapitalizations since they are considered too risky for traditional financing offered by senior, secured lenders.

Shudak is the second kicker to fill in for Randy Bullock, who is missing his second game after suffering a calf injury earlier this month. Josh Lambo, who missed an extra point, kicked in last Thursday's win at Green Bay.

Badgley was released by Los Angeles following the 2020 season. While Badgley had a brief stint with the Titans in 2021, playing in just one game, he spent most of the season with the Colts. The kicker appeared in 12 games with Indianapolis, making 18 of 21 field goal attempts and was 39 for 39 in extra point tries.

New Orleans kicker Wil Lutz returned to action in 2022 after missing the entire 2021 season due to injury. Lutz went 23 of 31 on field- goal attempts and a perfect 33 of 33 on extra points. The 5-foot-11, 184-pound specialist hit four field goals of 50+ yards including a career-high 60-yarder in Week 4 against the Vikings. Lutz tallied 102 points on the season.

Lambo's promotion comes on the heels of a right calf injury suffered by kicker Randy Bullock prior to Sunday's game against the Broncos. Bullock was placed on this week's Injury Report after the setback, which limited his work against the Broncos. He's been ruled out for Thursday's game vs the Packers.

It's the dreaded six-team bye, as the Bills, Chargers, Cowboys, Jaguars, Steelers, and Vikings are taking their scheduled PTO. That means highly owned (and ranked) Tyler Bass and Greg Zuerlein are off, as well as one of fantasy football's top kickers this year, Greg Joseph. This will sends scores of owners to the free agent (not waiver) wire to find a fill-in, but you shouldn't make a pickup until you consult our Week 7 fantasy kicker rankings.

Or maybe you should. Whatever. It doesn't really matter. We're talking about kicker, after all. It's likely most of you didn't even realize Joseph was one of the top players at the position, so it's safe to assume we put more thought into this than you do. (Don't feel bad -- it is our job.)

As always, we factor in fantasy points against and other statistics when putting our rankings together, but we also know those numbers only mean so much for this position. Of course, if a defense has "held down" kickers through six weeks, they must be doing something right (or wrong in the case of the Chiefs, who are allowing so many touchdowns that kickers aren't actually scoring a ton of points against them). When it comes to matchups like Randy Bullock against Kansas City, we still think the weaker the defense, the more likely it is the kicker has scoring chances, so we elevate that kicker. Of course, Bullock could do little more than run out for a bunch of PATs and kickoffs, so you have to hope the Chiefs show up in the red zone once or twice.

In addition to Elliott, Matt Gay (vs. Lions), Matt Prater (vs. Texans), and Daniel Carlson (vs. Eagles) are top-12 kickers playing indoors. There aren't many this week, and with conditions inevitably about to become more unpredictable, it's always nice to have a guy who doesn't require Sunday morning weather check-ins.

Before the game, TPR spoke with some experts and retired football players about the psychology of kickers and the philosophy of facing down potential failure in sports and in life. That story is below.

West Texan Tony Franklin, a former NFL kicker, is quick to defend Maher. Franklin said he overheard diners at a restaurant criticizing the 33-year-old Dallas kicker and he felt compelled to say something to them.

Franklin is now retired to his ranch near Junction, Texas. The former barefooted kicker played for the Texas A&M Aggies and later the Eagles, Patriots, and Dolphins of the NFL from the late 1970s to the late 1980s.

Oregon lawmakers recently learned the state's revenue picture is rosier than expected and taxpayers should expect a record kicker coming back to them this year. But debate continues over how that money will be returned, as a check or a credit, and whether some of it should be funneled into state reserves.

These indexes evaluate kickers and punters of Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) teams. The indexes will appraise each active kicker and punter with weekly and cumulative rankings as well as provide additional insights on individual players.

The indexes use the principles of business analytics applied to sport to gauge performance. Typically these special teams positions are judged by simplified metrics, punters by the average distance of their kicks and kickers by the distance and accuracy of their field goals. The FAU Jaffe Indexes utilize these concepts in their algorithms, but in more refined ways, while also combining the common measures with several additional performance indicators.

The indexes are updated every Thursday throughout the NCAA football season. Cumulative index rankings, including post-season games, will be published January 10, 2023, following the national championship. The indexes can also be found on Twitter at @FAUkickerpunter.

The timing is about how fast a kicker is able to complete his motion when attempting a field goal, and it starts from the moment the snap is made to when the foot connects with the ball. Priefer wants the sequence completed in a razor-thin range of 1.27-1.32 seconds.

Everything about York's kicking motion and confidence appealed to Priefer, who believes both those traits will help him be successful in the difficult weather conditions kickers routinely face in Cleveland. His leg strength is powerful enough to minimize the force wind can have on a ball in the air, and his confidence is high enough for him to feel good about kicking under any circumstances.

With Michael Badgley headed toward unrestricted free agency, it's worth taking a look at the kickers in this year's NFL Draft as the Lions could be in the market to draft one for the first time since Nate Freese in the seventh round in 2014.

Moody was one of the more accurate kickers in college football over the last couple seasons and also possesses a big leg to boot. He made 29 of 35 field goal attempts (83 percent) this past season after hitting 23-of-25 attempts (92 percent) in 2021. He hit from 59 yards as a long this past season.

But Gonzalez's replacement for last season, Eddy Piñeiro, showed enough upside through his one season filling in that it could make a tough decision. Piñeiro heads to free agency after making 33 of his 35 field goal attempts (94.3%), the second-best in a single season among Panthers' kickers with at least 30 attempts. His 33 makes in 2022 rank second in Panthers' history for a single season, behind 37 from longtime Carolina kicker John Kasay in 1996.

Carolina has yet to reach a consistent place with its kickers since Graham Gano injured his plant leg at the end of the 2018 season, spending all of 2019 on injured reserve before his release ahead of the 2020 season.

The Panthers have used six kickers since Gano's last attempt in Carolina, a list of fill-ins and unsuccessful attempts at long-term solutions that includes Chandler Catanzaro, Joey Slye, and Ryan Santoso from Week 14 of 2018 through Week 1 of 2021.

Here's a look across the NFL analyzing this year's free-agent kickers who have hit multiple spots before landing at their current stop, a group large enough to show that fill-ins like Gonzalez and Piñeiro are finding success more often than in the past.

There are a number of higher-value, higher-age free agents including decorated kickers such as Mason Crosby (38), Robbie Gould (40), and Matt Prater (38), but the Panthers have been part of a trend lately of finding productive kickers on the fringes, and finding something resembling stability. Now, they have a choice to make. 041b061a72


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