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You Have Requested : SEAL.Team.S06E08.720p.MP4....

Im not sure what the mac alternative to irfanview is. I use DVD or Blu Ray, depending on the movie and what I have access to, I dont manipulate the image at all. With BLu Rays I save lower resolution because otherwise the site would take forever to load.

You have requested : SEAL.Team.S06E08.720p.MP4....

Hi Jonas! I dedicate January to the best looking films of the year before so absolutely expect Only God Forgives and Mud to show up there. Bronson is a great looking film and I have all the stills picked for it, will be uploading them next batch of uploads (a month or 2)

Good call, I heard them talk about broken circle breakdown on Filmspotting and Im intrigued to see it. Blue is the warmest color will be up very soon, and Jagten is another Ive been meaning to watch but have menaged to not get around to! Thanks for the suggestions

Hi, sometime last year I was the one who requested for Harry Potter screencaps (unless others also asked). This site is, sincerely, by far my favorite website for screencaps. I check this place literally every day for new updates. I just wanted to say thanks for finally getting around to the series (I can only imagine how difficult maintaining a site like this is), and I also wanted to say something else just to get your own input on it.

Just wanted to thank you so much for creating this website, its super useful for both creative purposes (I personally use it for color studies for paintings) and being able to explore the best parts of cinema :)), im sure you have plenty of requests, but when you do get to it can you please add the great gatsby (70s version) and slumdog millionaire, thank you so so much :)))

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