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The Zelensky Action Figure raised $150k on Kickstarter earlier this year. That money is funding a large production run that will take a few more months. While it's in production will continue accept preorders. As soon as production is complete, we will ship out all the orders. We've done this a bunch of times over the years. It's a great way to avoid over or underproducing, which avoids waste and makes customers happy all at once.


A set that is equipped with a preorder is called a preordered set (or proset).[2] For emphasis or contrast to strict preorders, a preorder may also be referred to as a non-strict preorder.

Conversely, from any partial order on a partition of a set S , \displaystyle S, it is possible to construct a preorder on S \displaystyle S itself. There is a one-to-one correspondence between preorders and pairs (partition, partial order).

As explained above, there is a 1-to-1 correspondence between preorders and pairs (partition, partial order). Thus the number of preorders is the sum of the number of partial orders on every partition. For example:

Perhaps you can recall a gentler time, when you might have gone to your local big box bookstore and preordered the upcoming installment of Harry Potter with the intention of attending a release party in costume. You would end the night with a belly full of Frappuccino and a new book in your hands. Back in those days, a book preorder was done in person at the register. But we live in a very different time now, and authors and publishers alike sound the alarm for book preorders months before the release date on Instagram, Twitter, their websites, and in newsletters. Which made me wonder, what are preorders and why do they matter?

When I asked this question on Twitter, one user pointed out that for authors who are self-published, preorders can make a difference in boosting their ranking on Amazon come publishing day. When the ranking is high, then searches are more likely to show that book towards the top of the list. Preorders can make the difference between a decent release day and a great one.

*** We have decomissioned our old site and preorders that were on the old site are no longer valid. If you would like to preorder an item, you will need to place the preorder on our current site.

How do I preorder? Simply place an order for a preorder product. IMPORTANT: If you mix preorder product and in-stock product your order will be split into two separate orders; one order for all in-stock product, and one order for the preorder products. We will then split all of the preorder items into individual orders, since we process and ship preorders individually. This also means that the total at checkout will appear higher than what you are actually charged, since we do not charge for preorders until the product is ready to ship. You will be charged shipping for each order, because they are separate shipments.

In homotopy type theory, we must be careful to distinguish preorders (on a homotopy type of arbitrary h-level) and preordered sets (which apply to an h-set). When translating ordinary, set-level mathematics to HoTT, preordered sets are almost always what is wanted. A preorder on a type AA consists of:

In both the offline and online worlds, preorders serve as a kind of reservation that guarantees shoppers access to a product at its earliest possible availability. Whether you accept them for soon-to-be-launched or out-of-stock items, preorders help you build customer loyalty, forecast demand better, and improve cash flow.

Besides generating excitement, you can also use preorders to boost the odds of repeat purchases. For example, you can offer exclusive preorder access to customers on your mailing list or through a loyalty program. This shows customers that you appreciate their business and want them to have a memorable customer experience.

Additionally, you can use preorders to reduce the risk of storing idle inventory and managing uncertain supply chains. This selling method allows you to effectively forecast the minimum quantities required to meet existing customer demand and ship within a reasonable timeframe.

An initial check on preorders by TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo occurring the weekend after Apple's launch event seems to show Apple is enjoying good demand for the iPhone 14 generation compared to the iPhone 13. However, it seems the bulk of the attention is for Apple's Pro range.

According to Kuo, preorders for the lineup are better than that of the iPhone 13 in general, but still classifiable as "neutral." On a product-specific basis for preorders, Kuo says the iPhone 14 Pro Max is "good" while the Pro is "neutral," before deeming the standard models as "bad."

The iPhone 14 Pro Max preorders are doing a lot better than the iPhone 13 counterpart, and is signified by the longer than four-week delivery time, heading towards six weeks. Meanwhile, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus are expected to be in stock on launch day, which reflects "lackluster demand."

Kuo has a dim view of the iPhone 14 Plus demand, claiming its pre-order result "is significantly lower than expected," and that Apple's "product segmentation strategy for standard models fails this year." At the moment, the preorders for the iPhone 14 and Plus "is worse than the iPhone SE 3 and iPhone 13 mini."

While the iPhone 14 Plus may be falling behind at this stage, the likeliest explanation at this point is that the Plus model isn't shipping until October, rather than September. The skew towards the Pro models on early preorders has historically been at the expense of non-pro models popularity as well, reflecting the preferences of early adopters and annual upgraders.

The number of preorders for Pro models "proves again that Apple has numerous loyal and sticky customers amid the deteriorating economy," Kuo writes, though that doesn't necessarily mean Apple will up its orders for the Pro models immediately. "Whether Apple will increase Pro orders depends on how long the strong demand for Pro models can last amid the recession," he continues.

At the same time as opening preorders for the iPhone 14 range, Apple is still taking them for the Apple Watch. The three new models of Apple Watch were originally made available for preorder immediately after the "Far Out" event on September 7.

Of the three new models, first preorders for the Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 8 will see shipping by September 16, but dates have been slipping. Initial Apple Watch Ultra preorders will be delivered on September 23, but this model is already seeing extended delays.

Prospective Starlink users can enter a service address on the company's website, with preorders available for $99. Some regions show preorder messages that say SpaceX is "targeting coverage in your area in mid to late 2021," while other preorders say 2022.

The company's website emphasizes that the preorders are "fully refundable," but notes in fine print that "placing a deposit does not guarantee service." SpaceX also says that "orders may take 6 months or more to fulfill" depending on where users are located. 350c69d7ab


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