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My Best Friend's Wedding !!HOT!!

Julia Roberts starred as "two-faced, big-haired food critic" Julianne Potter, who made a pact with her best friend when they were in college that if neither of them were married by the time they turned 28, they'd marry each other.

My Best Friend's Wedding

The screenplay also mistakes chatter for color, as when Kimmy explains her reason for asking Julianne, a total stranger, to be her maid of honor: "My best friend shattered her pelvis line dancing in Abilene over spring break."

With Michael dashing but dim and Kimmy a hopeless birdbrain, the emphasis is on Julianne's dirty tricks. Vamping the audience while she makes her play for Michael, Ms. Roberts happens to get caught in her underwear, happens to make Kimmy look foolish and happens to wind up alone with Michael on a scenic tour boat. The flirtation finds an interesting note of ambiguity in Julianne's striding through the film in pantsuits and referring to herself as Michael's "unofficial best man."

When did Sadie Beecham get thise curves? She'd always been the geek next door, his baby sister Meg's brainy best friend. Smart, sure. But hot? He never would have imagined it...before. Now, Trey Kincaid's imagining all sorts of things. And none of thm has to do with Sadie's gifted mind.

Lucifer takes Rory to the "best view in Los Angeles", somewhere inaccessible to humans on a tall building. Rory questions the real reason he brought her there. Lucifer tells a story about Maze pulling revenge on him by ruining his suits. Then he invites Rory to the tailor's so that she has something to wear for Maze and Eve's wedding. Rory flies away as Lucifer watches on.

Amenadiel visits Chloe, who is shocked at the file of Reiben's complaints. Amenadiel is glad that he and Chloe are on the same page, and Chloe reveals her intention to rejoin the LAPD and fight for justice. She tells Amenadiel that Lucifer doesnt feel comfortable going to Heaven until he has fixed things with Rory. Chloe tells Amenadiel that she doesnt want to tell anyone about rejoining LAPD until after the wedding

Back ad Lux, Eve and Maze are planning the wedding, choosing flowers and confirming guests with the caterer. Maze doesnt want demons at her wedding because she doesnt want them to ruin it. Maze tells Eve that she is the only family she needs, and that she won't let anyone ruin it. At this moment Adam arrives in Lux, wanting to reconcile with Eve.

Back at the precint, Dan is watching Carol work at his old desk, and drink out of his mug that clearly has his name on it, before asking Ella about the wedding that he is the plus one to. She asserts that she isn't having second thoughts about bringing him, unconvincingly. Ella is speaking to the frog she named Dan, but also speaking to ghost Dan at the same time.

Adam is in Linda's office. He's frustrated that Eve has given him a rep as "the world's number one cuckold". Linda takes a moment to piece together that Adam is the biblical Adam and not just some guy. Linda slips that shes the officiant, which she doesnt expect would put her in any danger- but Adam decides to kidnap her, so that the wedding doesn't go ahead.

Lucifer arrives at the penthouse, where Maze has Adam gagged and is trying her best not to kill him. When Lucifer removes Adam's gag, he tells them about his attempt to solve his toxic masculinity by kidnapping Linda and making her give him therapy.

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When she receives word that her longtime platonic pal Michael O'Neal is getting married to debutante Kimberly Wallace, food critic Julianne Potter realizes her true feelings for Michael -- and sets out to sabotage the wedding.

@Christopher James: If you're looking at seminal openly "gay best friends," please cover Murray Melvin in A Taste of Honey (1961), Antonio Fargas in Next Stop Greenwich Village (1976) and Craig Russell in Outrageous! (1977).

Gotta disagree on the "I Say a Little Prayer" scene. It's funny, but it always rang false to me. (For best musical moment, I prefer the opening credits, or the throwaway scene where the teenage boys are singing with helium voices.)

This is a terrific film, loved all the actors and the songs, funny, smart, warm. One of the earliest DVDs I purchased, liner notes look like a wedding invitation. I also bought that reunion magazine, still have it and the DVD, stars of late 1990s aging beautifully!

I co-sign a lot already said above, primarily that as solid as Everett is, he's nowhere near my Top 10... Roberts and Diaz on the other hand are both giving some of the best work of their careers... for that from Everett, I'd recommend The Comfort Of Strangers obviously...

IMDB confirms: In the original ending, after watching Michael and Kimberly leave the wedding reception, Julianne meets a man (played by John Corbett). This ending did not test well and audiences wanted to see more of George, so a new ending was filmed.

Flash a million-watt smile while also shedding a crystal cleartear, cause we're talking about My Best Friend's Wedding!Kat and Jocelyn discuss how Michael is the worst, Julia Roberts'hair is the best, and how none of this movie would have happened ifany of the characters had a SINGLE female friend. 041b061a72


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