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Red Orchestra 2: Heroes Of Stalingrad

Despite its devotion to authenticity, Red orchestra 2 isn't entirely realistic. Problems are caused by a handful of noteworthy flaws. At times, it can be tough to properly attach yourself to cover. It's a little too easy in the chaos of battle to wind up on the wrong side of some rubble and unwittingly expose yourself to enemy fire. Sometimes you have to get ridiculously close to the cover-providing object to bring up the option of hunkering down. Another more serious issue comes with firing. Bullet drop is supposed to be part of the physics model, but it's hard to see much of an effect, at least over the distances involved in the included maps. Aiming high to compensate for gravity pulling bullets toward the earth seems to mainly result in missing high, so the mechanics appear to be a little off. The most troublesome flawt may be of the technical variety, however: occasional random crashes might take you from Stalingrad to your Windows desktop in a hurry.

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

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The game does not, I think, look as good as it could do, with plenty of muddy textures and odd bits of level design. (In fact I found the maps to be generally disappointing, not simply in visuals but also in layout - some of them simply do favour one team, which makes sense, given history, but again it's something I an uncomfortable with.) I understand that the Eastern Front was a lot of flat Russian towns lying in ruins, but I just wanted a bit more imagination or unexpectedness than is on offer here. But the failings in vision for the art almost don't matter, because the overall atmosphere it delivers, in everything from the palette of the world to the intense and brilliantly orchestrated audio, creates an evocative experience. The physicality of it, too, is never in doubt, and the animations, the sound effects, and the general visual feedback from weapons and explosions give a splendid impression of close up war. There's a lot of detail here, especially in the way characters move, and it all makes a lot of sense. Ugly, perhaps, but it's ugly in the way that a brilliant actor can get away with not having a face for Hollywood. All the talent is there underneath. It moves in a way that might not be pretty, but is convincing and useful to the project at hand. And the project here is brutal manshootery.

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