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Hotspot Shield VPN: Military-Grade Encryption and No-Log Policy

A virtual private network, or VPN, shields your web traffic from the prying eyes of your ISP, making it harder for spies and advertisers to track you online. Hotspot Shield VPN has a handsome app and an array of security services that go far beyond VPN protection. It also boasts an impressive collection of servers around the globe, giving you many options for spoofing your location. The core VPN product is expensive, however, and its privacy policies are transparent but hurt by a few tradeoffs. While other VPNs have worked to make clear and concise arguments about how they protect their customers, Hotspot Shield continues to be a complicated story.

What your ISP will be able to see is you communicating with the hotspot VPN. The data that is returned will be encrypted so your ISP won't really know it's contents unless they unencrypt it.

hotspot shield vpn

If you're the kind of person who wants to mess around with proxy, port, and other networking settings with their VPN, Hotspot shield isn't the choice for you. You won't find any of those settings, or really any settings to speak of, in the app.

Most VPNs offer long term subscriptions at a discount, and Pango follows suit: a Hotspot Shield subscription can be had for $95.88 per year, or $167.76 every two years. Other services offer even steeper discounts. Private Internet Access has the lowest annual fee among the m", "image": [" -pango-hotspot-shield.png?width=1280&height=720"], "sku": "04EYuHTvkGdbUuGH3yukGy9", "review": {"@context": " ", "@type": "Review", "mainEntityOfPage": "@type": "WebPage", "@id": " -hotspot-shield-vpn-for-macos", "headline": "Pango Hotspot Shield VPN (for macOS)", "image": ["@type": "ImageObject", "url": " _uk/review/p/pango-hots/pango-hotspot-shield-vpn-for-macos_15a2.png", "width": 1920, "height": 1080, "caption": "Pango Hotspot Shield VPN (for macOS)"], "description": "Pango Hotspot Shield is a super-simple app that delivers VPN protection, but little else. Its real strength is that a Pango account includes a suite of other services to protect your identity online.", "datePublished": "2019-12-16 16:22:00+00:00", "inLanguage": "en-gb", "publisher": "@type": "Organization", "name": "PCMag UK", "url": " ", "logo": "@type": "ImageObject", "url": " _logo_micro.png", "width": 245, "height": 60, "author": ["@type": "Person", "name": "Max Eddy", "additionalName": "Max Eddy", "givenName": "Max", "familyName": "Eddy", "jobTitle": "Senior Security Analyst", "description": "Since my start in 2008, I've covered a wide variety of topics from space missions to fax service reviews. At PCMag, much of my work has been focused on security and privacy services, as well as a video game or two. I also write the occasional security columns, focused on making information security practical for normal people. I helped organize the Ziff Davis Creators Guild union and currently serve as its Unit Chair.", "image": " _lim.size_200x200.v1567805884.jpg", "url": " -eddy"], "dateModified": "2019-12-16 16:22:00+00:00", "reviewRating": "@type": "Rating", "ratingValue": "3.5", "worstRating": 0, "bestRating": 5, "reviewBody": "Rebranded under the Pango name and with new management, Hotspot Shield returns to the fray with a super-simple app and a robust VPN server collection. That simplicity can be a hurdle if you want to have fine-grained control, as the app includes very few settings. Though it is more expensive than most other VPNs, Hotspot Shield makes a strong argument for its value with a suite of other privacy tools.

We checked that Hotspot Shield VPN wasn\u2019t leaking data by visiting the DNS Leak Test site and performing an extended test. Happily, only the VPN server's information came up during the test\u2014our personal data was shielded. We only tested one server, so there could be leaks on others.

The "auto-protect" feature automatically launches the VPN when it detects that you're connected to a public network. Public WiFi hotspots are usually unsecured and vulnerable to hackers, so this is an important feature when it comes to protecting your devices and online activity against cyber attacks.

So. I just got dashlane premium, and it's telling me to use an email address to activate a hotspot shield account. But when I enter my email in, it says I already have an account for hotspot shield VPN. But whenever I try to use the hotspot shield VPN app, it keeps saying I'm only on the basic subscription despite the dashlane page saying it's supposed to give me the premium version

Hotspot Shield VPN has a very impressive online customer support system for its premium plan subscribers. As a matter of fact, the VPN provider has user manuals as well as informative and comprehensive answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs). There is also a ticket support system available to raise a technical issue, give feedback, or simply to ask questions. Usually it takes 24 hours before the ticket support raised or e-mail is replied to. On top of that, there is also a 24/7 live chat support system that allows me to interact with a real human being to address my concerns instantly. I can also send an e-mail directly to

I tried it just now and PA detected hotspot-shild app without SSL decrpytion. However i don't know what happens if you put it on block and app tries to connect to some less known IPs and/or URLs. I guess in that case SSL decryption is needed.

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It seems that you are struggling with blocking Proxy applications like Hotspot Shield but the major point here is that you can only ensure that all Hotspot shield attempts are blocked by enabling the SSL Decryption.

As you say the SSL Decryption is not possible on your network then the possibility of the user to bypass the Firewall is high because these Proxy applications like Hotspot shield users IKE, IPSEC, SSH, SSL to create encrypted tunnels which will completely bypass the filtering...

Hotspot Shield by AnchorFree is program claiming that it helps you to secure your connection while surfing Wi-Fi hotspots and to access sites not normally available outside of the USA, to install on your PC without your consent.

Hi Jerry White, I am using Fortigate 800C and blocked all proxy's (Hotspot shield, dot vpn and all other vpn's) but still people are able to access Hotspot Shield (may be new version Hotspot Shield Elite[in system]) and dot vpn (in chrome). can u help me.

1. You have to enable full SSL on whatever group you are working with. Which means you also have to deploy a valid certificate so users won't get invalid certificate errors. 2. In your working web filter group go ahead and block under Potentially Liable, Proxy Avoidance. Also under Security Risk, I block everything. 3. Under Advanced, Web Rating Overides I have a group called blocked websites. I added *.hotspotshield.* to this list. This just takes care of them accessing the site and will deter most of the clients anyway. Go back into your web filter group under local categories, and you should see your group you created with *.hotspotshield.*. Click on this and say block. Then move on to Application control where most of the magic happens. Go to your group you want to block and block proxy under categories. I also block botnet, p2p, and games in this group. You may also add hotspotshield to the application overrides but this is not necessary. Hope this helps.


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