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interestingly theres no sign of a boost in the processor without any circuitry activated. the cpu operates at 800mhz on the s21, while at 837mhz on the s20u, both of which are lower than the max of the s20u, which operates at 889mhz at a lower power state. its worth noting that the s20u is not exactly a mainstream device yet, considering it hasnt yet been released in china or the united states, so im not 100% sure what exactly theres powering these, however if something was activated on the s20u it appears to be powered by a separate 20w tdp configuration allowing for higher clocks without triggering throttling.

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at the lower 27w states, the s21us superior performance margins do not translate to operational performance, as it operates at 800mhz while the s20us peak powers at 1ghz and is clocked at 2133mhz. the qualcomm chipset now has a 10w tdp limit, even if the devices are throttling down, meaning theres less power to push around in the u20us case. here, qualcomm appears to have drawn more power out of the 27w state configuration than the s21u, though im not certain if this is a firmware limitation or a problem with the qualcomm chipset itself.

the kirin 810 chip in the honor view 20 pro has a slightly higher 1100mhz clockspeed than the 850mhz clocked in the s21u. however, it has exactly the same snapdragon 845 cpu, 6x kryo 330 cpus, 40x armv8-a cores, a 25w increased tdp on the same thermal package, a higher 8700mah battery, camera camera performance with improved ai, and a volume array with 20 mp sensors, as well as a new 24mp + 8mp dual selfie camera, which is what allows for the view 20 pro to have the same higher resolution selfie camera than the galaxy s20 ultra in both 5x and 6x image quality mode options.


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