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Christmas Bloody Christmas(2022) _BEST_

Retreating to her record store, Tori is hunted by the robot Santa who is now nearly fully stripped to its robotic endoskeleton. After being chased through the store, Tori manages to outwit the robot Santa and destroy it. An exhausted and bloody Tori leaves the store and collapses onto the street outside as Christmas morning begins and starts to laugh hysterically.

Christmas Bloody Christmas(2022)

despite how shallow his pastiches are begos has been just skating by for me on the basis of his solid neon synth 16mm and pretty impressive practical gore. but i gotta be honest taking this premise as tonally seriously as he does (i guess he thinks he's doing the terminator?) and how bad he is at writing characters having hangout movie conversations is really starting to stretch how far that skill alone will take him. despite a few decent low-budget fiery chase setpieces and heads split in half by axes when it finally kicks in it really does start to get unimaginative after awhile and really run out of steam when he comes back for the 4th and 5th time. as far as santa killing spree movies go i think i'll stick with the legit travis bickle perversity of something like christmas evil over the faux-retro vibes of this.

A Christmas film with a heavy-metal heart, Christmas Bloody Christmas succeeds in becoming a successor to the throne of classic festive slashers. The addition of the robotic antagonist adds a fantastic science-fiction slant, doing an excellent job of welcoming the Terminator fans in the audience. The Terminator itself is a slasher to a certain degree, but Begos takes that idea and runs, creating a worthy rival to the ultimate killer cyborg. A crowd-pleasing movie, stuffed with exaggerated bloody deaths, Christmas Bloody Christmas certainly lives up to its name. The perfect holiday horror to pair with a bottle of bourbon, Christmas Bloody Christmas is just the tonic to the overly-sentimental season of goodwill.

What is with horror movie directors and Christmas? The holiday season is supposed to be one that is filled with cheer and goodwill to all, and not scenes of bloody carnage instigated by murderous elves, deranged serial killers, and sinister Santas! But every Christmas, more festive-themed horror movies are released, which this year includes Violent Night, The Mean One, Mistletoe Massacre, and for the purposes of this review, Christmas Bloody Christmas! 041b061a72


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