"A Tree By The Waters" Bead Embroidery Necklace

"A Tree By The Waters" Bead Embroidery Necklace

SKU: FHD5001

We are gathering from the four corners of our contient, known to ancient peoples as Turtle Island, to introduce you to unique and often custom treasures you cannot find elsewhere. For the fae only relinquish through rhyme, scavenger hunt, and bargain. Though, now you will be able to trade mere money for one of their heirloom pieces.


This is quite possibly the very website many of you have waited your entire lives to find.


Have a blessed and prosperous life, until we meet again.

Tamara, the pied piper of creatures great and small

  • Do you have Fae Feet?

    One of our coming products are for women who have extremely high arches but never get to accentuate them with the humdrum heals they sell in shoe stores. You will not believe your eyes when you take a look at these! And they feel even better than they look!


    This page will be a Return and Refund policy. I know it will be a necessary place to let all of our beloved brothers, sisters and cousins out there know what to do in case, for any reason, they may be dissatisfied with their purchase. Having a straightforward refund or exchange policy is one way we plan to continue to build trust and reassure you that you can place your orders, and purchase our products time and time again, with confidence.


    This will be our shipping policy.  Since due to the phenominon of unbelief, there just are not enough faeries, pixies, nymphs, dryads, and satyrs to make direct air deliveries, therefore we will add more information about our shipping methods, packaging and cost as we get closer to launch.

    We will provide straightforward information about our shipping policy along with any custom quotes, and timelines, as we get closer to the big day!