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About Gossamer Gallery

I have spent the last few years in business development, helping bootstrapping entrepreneurs start businesses from scratch, or small businesses to grow.  Not only from what I have seen, but what I have read that others have been experiencing tells me our country, and even our world is headed in a direction that cannot be supported by more modern traditional ways of ensuring prosperity.

All of life, from the basic human experience at an intimate level, through economics, politics, and the natural world at large follows cyclical patterns.  Though the general populace is ignoring this undeniable fact, I choose to embrace this truth and use it to benefit those who wish to join me.


As our country amd its people face bankruptcy, there will always remain an abiding demand for products and services.  It is time to explore what your products, talents, and abilities are worth outside of the scope of minted currency.

We want to make suppliers more available to their local communities.  Consider us a digital flea market.

All vendors  automatically become members.


Members use us to locate product or service suppliers to provide for yourself and your family regardless of the job market, economic conditions, and retail availability?

Gossamer Gallery connects sellers and buyers who are willing to barter and trade outside the scope of traditional currency.

Membership is free.

Let's Connect

PO Box 607

Fruita, CO 81521

1 (855) 793-0701

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