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Thus did Russian Orthodoxy's suppression of the corporeal,social personality turn Russian man into a dreamer, a visionary, who nurturedhis soul to the detriment of his body. But, "If one sleeps his lifeaway, then the meaningful components of his ideology will naturally bepoverty, neglect of his property, hoboism (brodiazhnichestvo), and a tendencyto be intoxicated by dreams of Belovod'e and other kingdoms of God onearth." Characteristic of the millenial dream-time from Prince Vladimirthe Baptist to Gorbachev is the "inability to penetrate into the essenceof what is transpiring, but instead to reduce the events one witnesses to aquestion of whether the things and concepts involved are ours (svoe) orsomeone else's (chuzhoe). (17) In the novels Boris and Gleb and ErmoBuida writes at length about the harmful effects of Russian anti-secularismon the leadership class and the educated strata of Russian society, anyattempts of whom to express their "outer" selves were interpretedas rebellion. Russians, with their emphasis on perfecting their"inner" selves were unable to believe in the efficacy of achievingthe "Goal," preferring instead to seek the unattainable"Ideal." Underachievers in mastering the language of socialdialogue, the Russian intelligentsia could speak freely only from within theyellow house in the language of holy foolishness (iurodstvo) and royalimposture (samozvantsvo). But the distinctively Russian freedom of the yellowhouse, George Ermo tells a young Russian artist working in Venice, will berejected by civilized people, since it fails to take into account the freedomof others and only exacerbates the Russian addiction to disproportionality(nesorazmernost'). In the absence of a secular state ideology, such asmay be found in the Post-Reformation West, the absolutist state continues torule absolutely, its worst instincts supported by an anti-populist andEarth-hating clergy, who like Dostoevskii's monks in The BrothersKaramazov, dream of raising the Earthly City to Heaven. (18) Thischurch-state fusion's absurd but ideologically consistent floweringamong the Russian intelligentsia is found in Boris and Gleb, where amodern-day Prince Osor'in, a defrocked priest fighting for theBolsheviks in the Civil War, leads into battle the "First Red GuardsBattalion in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, King of the Jews."

Masteri - Krasavitsa



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